Plan your playset
Plan your playset

When it comes to kid safety and product quality,

Whee get really, really granular.

(We take a childish delight in these safety details.)

Broader Beams

Sturdy structures make for secure play.

While some manufacturers use 2 X 4 beams, ours are a whole lot more solid. Your structure stands firm to prevent wobbling, creaking and unpleasant sagging, thanks to 5 X 5 steel beams in all the must-be-strong parts of your playset anatomy.

Brawny Bolts

Some metals rust and erode. Others don’t.

All your bolts and chains are made of all-weather stainless steel. So unlike other products, these playset parts don’t rust, erode or weaken over time. (So your kids can go to the moon and back, and never miss lunch for a wobbly bolt.)

Bountiful Brackets

Brackets are like the muscles of a structure.

Which is why our playsets have a lot. Your kids should only be held in strong arms, and their play structure should be reinforced with brackets at every essential point. We use more brackets than most and hug you where others don’t, by including reinforcing brackets placed on the interior, exterior, and every corner.

Happier Houses

Playhouses should be built to last.

Play is a serious thing. At any given moment, this little structure can be a pirate’s hideaway, a cupcake bakery, or an astronaut’s rocket ship. Which is why we only use sturdy materials like premium vinyl. It’s why we make the houses tall enough for adults to stand in, too.

Versatile Vinyl

Wood isn’t the best option for outdoor play.

We love trees, but not splinters or insects. Which is why our playsets are constructed entirely from steel and vinyl. Rain or shine, every play element maintains the same sturdy shape as the day you bought it, with less wear and no warp.

  • “ …And most importantly - they knew how to make you feel good!”

    “I was looking to build a swingset, and I asked some neighbors who they’d used. They had all done extensive research – and found that no company compares in quality to Whee. The experience with Whee was amazing from the get-go. They were a pleasure to deal with, they knew exactly what to recommend, and most importantly – they knew how to make you feel good! If you’re looking for someone who will take great care of you and has great quality products, use Whee.”

    — Chaya Klein

  • “I’ve referred them to at least twenty people so far.”

    “I approached SR Play because I heard that anyone who used them was thrilled. They sent me a brochure, and walked me through the custom options. I couldn’t have asked for it to come out better! Nothing fazed them, nothing was a problem – and when something broke five years in, they were right there to help. I’ve referred them to at least twenty people so far – and everyone was super happy.”

    – Aliza D., Monsey, NY

  • “From the start, Henoch was a wise advisor, patiently fielding any questions”

    “ To say that I highly recommend Whee SR would be an understatement. I was looking to build a playset for my grandchildren — and Whee SR came highly recommended. From the start, Henoch was a wise advisor, patiently fielding any questions that arose. The materials and construction of our playsets have held up through sun, storms, snow, and slews of energetic kids. From tots to teens, I’ve had the pleasure of watching my grandchildren playing on the Whee playset. This is my nachas…”

    — Rachelle R., Lakewood, NJ

  • “I found their team to be knowledgeable, accommodating, and easy to work with.”

    “I approached Whee because they came highly recommended. I contacted them and found their team to be knowledgeable, accommodating, and easy to work with. The quality of the material is great. And best of all, the swingset was installed way quicker than I anticipated.”

    — Yisroel Friedman, Lakewood, NJ

Standing behind our product is almost too easy. Because we see the difference all the time.

People talk to us. They tell us what’s happening with their play lives. We see other products eroding before our eyes, while the ones we sold 12 years ago are still standing strong and performing proudly, play after play. So while other products leave owners with cracked vinyl, rusting metal, and fly-away roofing… ours don’t. (Okay, we’ll admit it: we’re proud of our play stuff. Plain and simple.)

Ready to start an adventure?

Plan your playset

With us, warranties actually work! We’re delighted to say we stand behind our warranty. (And even more delighted to say our customers rarely need it.)

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